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So Long, Farewell

August 16, 2015

You’ve probably guessed by now that I’ve taken a break from this blog.

I got to the point where I was spending my days reading blogs about how to blog, trying to implement all the things I *should* be doing, trying to comment on other blogs and interact with other people in my community. Creating images for each social media, keeping those social media channels full and trying to keep up with the schedule of posting 3-4 times a week. Writing an email newsletter with what I hoped was worthwhile content for people to read and explore. Trying to get more email subscribers, more instagram followers, more facebook followers. I just don’t care for any of it. The more deadlines I put in my calendar the more I wanted to run and hide.

I started and kept this blog running as a way to distract me from the work that I didn’t quite like doing. It was an outlet for my real life job. Now that I don’t have a real life job, this blog becomes my real life job with no pay and minimal ROI. I don’t enjoy doing it anymore. I also don’t want a life where I have to do stuff I don’t like doing to eventually get to a point where I like doing it. It should start the other way around – I should love doing it, then get to a point where I probably love it less, but still love it. Why spend your life doing stuff you hate?

After I decided to stop with the blog, I started to clear out the clutter in my digital life.

I cleaned out my email inbox of all the newsletters I subscribe to that are related to blogs or crap I don’t read and it took me ALL DAY. I have 2 email accounts and I haven’t even started on the other one. Now when I open my main email in the morning (which I probably shouldn’t do in the first place), I only have important emails from friends or reminders about fun events. Much better.

I unfollowed everyone in my Facebook feed and only followed my close friends. I unfollowed a heap of pages that I just don’t care about anymore. I removed Facebook from my phone so I can only log in on my computer. Well, I could log in on my phone but that would entail going into my browser, typing in and logging in. Too much effort.

I unfollowed about 400 instagram accounts that clutter my feed to the high waters. I turned off notifications, so I only see likes & follows when I open the app.

I downloaded an app that turns my screen a shade of red to help my eyes.

I need to get out of the house more too. Ever since moving to Munich I’ve been exploring every day, until the weather turned hot and going outside for more than 10 minutes means that I’d melt. It was much easier to stay inside, out of the heat (with all the blinds closed), and that is what I did. The only problem with that is it becomes a habit when it’s over 30 degrees for more than a week. All day every day I stay inside on my computer, getting more and more confused about what I should and shouldn’t be doing on my blog. I’m also training for the Berlin Marathon and running in the heat isn’t my strong suit. I’m much more of a cold-weather runner. So because I couldn’t run, my mind was going to mush. Cue brain overload and some pretty low self esteem.

Gala Darling says it best. As a solo business owner, after her breakup with her husband she made an effort to get up and dressed in the morning and go outside. She started going OUT for her morning coffee instead of relying on her coffee machine at home (which probably made crappy coffee anyway). This way, she wouldn’t get stuck on her computer all day.

“Take a shower and leave the house” might seem like really obvious stuff, but it has made such a big difference and has brought more joy into my life. Going out for a coffee gave me a reason to make myself presentable, which made me feel much better about myself. It also meant that if I wanted to go on some random excursion, I was already dressed and there were no reasons not to, which in turn meant I left the house way more. All good stuff.

And as the guys over at Hey, Sweet Pea say,

If you crave time outside, maybe you start eating dinner on the porch, going for a nightly walk, or taking your lunch to the beach. You don’t need more money to add dreamy elements to your daily life, you just need to make more room.

Change up your routine to incorporate things that make you happy.

All my life I’ve run, and I’ve taken photos. And I’ve always loved it. So that’s the path I’m going to follow for now. When I get back home I’ll be able to play more music too.

You can still follow me over on social media – instagram mainly, where I’ll be putting a focus on my photography. I’m still training for the Berlin Marathon at the end of September so you’ll see some running stuff in there too.

We may meet again someday, but for now, so long and farewell.

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